Photo Stories

Inspired by Paul Stamatiou, I've decided to start posting photos on my website. For the first post, I've picked out about 20 pictures from my trip to Iran this past winter.

Our journey started by attempting to fit 16 bags in the taxi's mini-van. We flew from O'Hare to Frankfurt, then Frankfurt to Tehran. Even though I always sit aisle, I got to take some window sunset pictures since we had the whole row to ourselves.

First things first: checking out rugs and getting breakfast. We bought bread every other day, and treated ourselves to haleem the first morning.

We also always try to visit tourist hotspots while we're there - so this time we visited Isfahan and the famous Si-o-se-pol (even though the river was dried out) and spent two days in Yazd, which is now a world heritage site.

In Yazd, we checked out the historical wind towerws, designed to cool the large water tanks that sat directly underground in little villages. We also got to visit the Tower of Silence, which is where Zoroastrians would take dead bodies to be eaten by vulters. They had a tower for men and one for women, and we got to climb to the top and peer inside.

Right before we left Yazd, we visited the desert and got to ride some camels. The man who took care of them makes ~$100 USD a month, has three kids (with one currently in the hospital), and drives them one hour each way to school.