So, I’m getting an iPhone X.

Before I switch phones, I wanted to make sure that the backup of my iPhone 6S Plus was good to go. Historically, when I’ve upgraded, I just start from scratch - the purity of a new phone is wonderful. This time around, however, I’m not jailbroken - which means a fresh start isn’t as critical as it was in the past. Wanting to use my backup meant that I had to clean it up and make sure that I actually use all ~50 GB’s of stuff (and 242 apps).

First to go? Apps I don’t use. I have app auto-update off, so I can get a chance to read the release notes. About two months ago, I decided to stop updated apps I don’t use, as a way to keep track of what apps I need to delete. In this post, I’ll be going through the list of apps, and trying to explain why I even have them in the first place, and why I stopped using them. I’ll be a fun experiment!


Over the summer, we tried to plan a trip to Lake Tahoe, and I used the Airbnb app to look for places to stay. We didn’t end up going, and I don’t travel that much by myself, so … goodbye.


I actually have no idea why I have this downloaded. I can’t remember the last time I opened the app. I usually just read Medium articles in Safari or Pocket.


This sounded cool, but then I realized I had to open a new brokerage account, and I had to connect it to my credit cards, and I was too lazy to do all that and do research to see if they are trustworthy enough for my data. Plus, I like managing my own investments.

Motion Stills

I think someone tweeted about this, so I downloaded it. I don’t take Live photos though, so… bye.


I think I used this when I visited a college’s admitted student day with some friends, and that’s about it. Haven’t opened it in a long time.


Apple Watch.


I think I downloaded this when I went to San Jose for AltConf since people were tweeting about it, but then I didn’t use it.

Newegg Mobile

No idea why I have this app.


I think I downloaded this when it came out, and haven’t really used it.


This just sends me notifications about stuff I already see on Twitter. I also prefer to visit their site on Safari.


Not sure why I downloaded this - probably to watch a particular video? Anyways, Vimeo works in Safari.


I downloaded this to use when I was in San Francisco, and got some fantastic (and spicy) chicken biryani. No Postmates in Champaign,.


I downloaded this to see the value of one really cool house in the Mission in San Francisco. I’ll download it later if I need it.


I downloaded this because one of Stripe’s designers tweeted about the App Store screenshot featuring a Stripe design when it came out. Never opened or used.


I actually used to use this all throughout high school, but then they made it so that the free plan only gets two devices, and I have three. Surprised I hadn’t deleted it already.

On second thought, Evernote has some crucial notes from a while ago, so I might keep it…

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

I used to use this back when I had a second iPhone - it would just be used as my alarm clock. (The second iPhone was extremely damaged so I couldn’t really use it, and the alarm clock was pretty cool and I liked seeing the sleep analysis data, don’t judge.)


A lot of people use it and I thought it would be Instagram-y, but I just never really figured out how to use it to just consume rather than produce.


See CNN.

PayByPhone Parking

I think I wanted this to pay for a parking spot once but didn’t actually use it since we found quarters.


I downloaded this to use with the classroom tool, Blackboard, but the app doesn’t really work, so…


See Postmates, except no chicken biryani.

QR Reader for iPhone

I used this to develop effective goggles for HackIllinois last year, but iOS 11 has a built-in QR scanner now.


I opened an account, but then realized I’d rather manage my investments.

The Washington Post

See CNN. But I might keep it.


See UberEATS.

Scottrade Mobile

I used to have my brokerage account in Scottrade, but didn’t really like the UI. As such my Scottrade account is no more.

The Wall Street Journal

See CNN.


See Strava.