I’ve wanted to blog for a long time.

A little while back, I finally set up this page. I whipped together a Jekyll page, threw it on GitHub Static Pages, and now here I am, blogging..

#blogging, at 3 am

So for all potential readers - here are some things I’d like to clear up:

###1. I am not a particularly good writer.

I always have struggled with writing in the past, and this blog will be no exception. expect plenty of grammar errors, poor word choice, and other face-palm moments.

###2. I do, however, enjoy describing my ideas.

I’ve always loved expressing my ideas, but joining ICDA (debate team) in high school really brought that to life. I figured this blog would serve as a collection of my thoughts, both short and long.

###3. There will be no consistency.

Expect no consistency in terms of content, length, formatting, and most importantly, some resemblance of a schedule. I’ll post stuff when I want to, whenever my course load drops a bit, or I find myself enjoying some excellent coffee.